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Established in September 2009, Laputa Technologies Ltd. (“Laputa”) is a Hong Kong based company servicing the Greater China Region. With over a decade of combined experience in CRM and Mobile Cloud Computing platform, our team focuses on providing premier consulting and implementation services for cloud based solution and application development.

Our mission is to help organizations streamline their business processes and deliver superior customer experience by leveraging the latest Mobile Cloud Computing technologies.


We are an authorized consulting partner of Salesforce.com and a business partner of ServiceNow, Informatica and CallidusCloud.

We are also registered iOS and Android development partners

Take your business success to a a whole new level with CRM.

Informatica fully integrated across all aspects of Enterprise Cloud Data Management

Replace unstructured work patterns with intelligent workflows. Improve service levels, energize employees, and enable your enterprise to Work At Lightspeed.
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Mobile Cloud
Provide tailor-made mobile solution to help your business growth


Salesforce is the innovative company behind the world’s #1 CRM Platform that employees can access entirely over the Internet – there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage – you just log in and get to work. And now our new Lightning Platform gives you the fastest, most complete way to put your customers at the center of everything you do.

  • Artificial intelligence: The first AI built right into your CRM
  • Mobile-first CRM: Run your whole business from your phone
  • Analytics: Give every employee data-driven insights
  • Top performance: Salesforce has been ranked #1 by IDC four years running

With the ServiceNow System of Action, you can replace these unstructured work patterns of the past with intelligent workflows of the future. Now every employee, customer, and machine can make requests on a single cloud platform. Every department working on these requests can assign and prioritize, collaborate, get down to root cause issues, gain real‑time insights, and drive to action. Your employees are energized, your service levels improve, and you realize game‑changing economics. That’s Work at Lightspeed—a smarter, faster way to get work done.

Informatica, over the years, has been the leader in data integration technology. Informatica modernize complex data integrations by providing a better way to integrate multiple SaaS applications across cloud and on-premises.

  • Integrate everything and everyone
  • Enjoy quality-assured data exchange
  • Get Complete visibility

Our Mobile Cloud Solution enable every aspect of the business, cloud computing provides the foundation for creating and consuming the next generation of business applications.

  • Efficient Way – Do Business Activities, Send back to Backend
  • Offline Mode – Continue Business Activities and Sync data when online
  • Other – GPS Tracking, Order Tracking, Photo Taking…….




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