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As data becomes a vital component to success in today’s economy, Boomi could help you access, protect, and handle your data.

     How can Boomi and Laputa help you?

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✓ Robust Community

The Boomi Community features:

  • The largest worldwide collection of Boomi experts;

  • A one-stop-site for Boomi customers and partners to access a repository of best practices, tutorials and expert discussions

  • Simple, searchable access to thousands of help articles, discussions, ideas, videos and examples

  • Discussion groups for focusing on specific integration topics and vertical challenges

  • Ability to receive notifications to stay up to date on tips, how-to stories, product releases and features; and

  • Gamification features to encourage all Boomi users, including system integrators, to earn reputation points by interacting with the community and sharing their expertise.

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Solving the tough technical challenges for you

“We solve the tough technical challenges so that developers can focus on innovation,” says Steve Wood, vice president and general manager for Boomi Flow.


“You don’t have to re-solve the problem of how to connect SAP and Salesforce. We take care of that out of the box, but give you full API access, a UI framework, and integration to get under the hood if you need to.”

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✓ Future Proof

With the scale and anticipated growth in the number of applications companies will need to manage, finding a future-proof integration solution is a critical step. That means using a solution that is robust and unified — one that has the sophisticated capabilities of older, complex on-premises middleware suites on a single, easy-to-use, unified platform

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✓ Unified Platform

Today, Boomi is the only iPaaS solution that offers a unified platform, including:

  • Integrate – connect applications and data across your hybrid IT ecosystem

  • Hub – synchronize and enrich trusted data with a single source of truth across your enterprise 

  • Exchange – manage your trading partner network using traditional EDI and modern web services protocols

  • Mediate – design, secure and scale APIs through their entire lifecycle

  • Flow – build customer journeys and automate simple and sophisticated workflows

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