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The acceptance and popularity of SaaS applications has continued to rise at a dramatic pace, yet integration has been the Achilles heel of the SaaS industry. While solutions exist to replicate data between a limited number of SaaS applications and on-premises databases, the Boomi On-Demand offering is the first complete integration solution delivered in an on demand model.


“This problem is not just about moving data between SaaS applications and customer’s databases. It’s about making it simple to achieve direct application integration between any combination of SaaS applications and on-premises systems – whatever they may be.”

Industry’s first fully on-demand integration service

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What can boomi do for you? 

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360-Degree View

Customers using Boomi Flow can now obtain a 360-degree view of their workflows and their runtime status.

 Connecting dozens of systems

Boomi has also simplified The Benevolent Society’s entire data environment by connecting dozens of systems – including up to 20 customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, human resources tools and bespoke apps which were formerly siloed – into a single interface. This not only ensures data is up-to-date and accurate for all users, but removes the need for repetitive and time-consuming manual data entry into multiple databases.

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How would your telecommunications benefit? 

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1. Customer Experience Management

Attract, retain, and delight customers with personalized experiences informed by a complete understanding of your customers and their shopping journeys. Leverage trusted data about customers' needs and preferences to deepen their engagement.

2. Telecommunications Product Experience

Efficiently deliver rich, consistent telecommunication product information across all channels to enhance customer experience.

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3. Data Privacy: Improve Your Digital Trust

Build digital trust into your customer experience, comply with data privacy laws, and improve customer loyalty.

How would this improve your business?

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✓ Reimagining Brick and Mortar Stores Through Digital Transformation

Enhance in-store shopping experiences, ensuring brick and mortar locations are utilized effectively.


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✓ Intelligent Solutions for Distributors

Our solutions help you unleash the power and value of your data so you can make the most out of every emerging opportunity.

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