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Common Challenges for Sales/Marketers to win, grow and retain customers


Lack of a Single Customer View (SCV) – How lack of single view of customer and insight driven customer support lead to customer frustration and churn

Manual Processes – Spending time figuring out who to call; tracking down a phone number, manually routing leads with no automated follow up are just a few of the reasons that the average sales rep spends 68% of their time on non selling activities.

Lack of visibility – Not understanding where your sales team/sales is going to end up is a key problem for sales organizations. No visibility for pipeline and activity tracking that leads to poor sales management.

No Real-time Report – Currently no real-time report does not allow a right decision to be made at the right time.

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How Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Help Tackle The Issues

Single Customer View (“SCV”)

A SCV provides businesses with the ability to track customers and their communications across every channel. Obvious benefits include much improved customer service levels, better customer retention, higher conversion rates and hopefully an improved overall customer lifetime value (“CLV”). Organizationally this will also lead to better communication among traditionally separate teams and a more cooperative approach to customer service.

Increased revenue and profitability

By building a fuller, personalised picture of the customer and their journey, a business will have a more insightful guide to improving future sales and make improve to future customer interactions.

Increased workplace productivity

With the help of CRM, productivity increases, sales cycles decreases, your team will be able to focus more on closing deals, resolving customer pain points and providing more quality products and services to your customers.

Leading indicators to revenue and profit metrics

CRM provides a predictive view into trends and events that become leading indicators of your revenue and profit metrics. CEOs and CFOs will use CRM dashboards to monitor these leading indicators. They may look for changes in lead generation, opportunity creation or pipeline value to spot early indicators of future problems in top-line. This will lead to a pro-active and informed approach in managing the business.

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