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  • 計劃概要 Program Overview
    ➤ 計劃目標 Program Objectives 受疫情影響,遙距工作或服務模式成為新趨勢。在「防疫抗疫基金」下,創新科技署推出「遙距營商計劃」,以支援企業在疫情期間繼續營運和提供服務,計劃透過快速批核,資助企業採用資訊科技方案,開拓遙距業務。香港生產力促進局為計劃的秘書處。Remote working or service has become a new trend against the backdrop of the epidemic. Under the Anti-Epidemic Fund, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has launched the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme to support enterprises to continue their business and services during the epidemic, the Programme provides funding support through fast-track processing for enterprises to adopt IT solutions for developing distance business. The Hong Kong Productivity Council is the Secretariat of the Programme. ➤ 計劃內容 Program Details 每個資訊科技方案連同僱員的培訓開支的資助額最高為10萬港元(相關培訓開支的資助上限為資訊科技方案開支的10%)For each IT solution and the relevant training expenses for the employees, the funding ceiling is HK$100,000 (with funding for the relevant training expenses capped at 10% of the IT solution cost). 而每間企業可獲最高30萬港元總額資助,進行為期最長六個月的資助項目。Each enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000 to undertake a project to be completed within 6 months. 申請獲批後,企業可獲發放30%的資助金額。當項目完成及證明文件獲接納後,企業可獲發放餘下資助金額。An enterprise will be disbursed a payment of 30% of the funding amount after the application has been approved. Upon completion of the project and after the supporting documents are accepted, the remaining 70% funding amount will be disbursed to the enterprise. 申請項目必須於資助申請獲批後方可開展。IT solution(s) must only be implemented after approval is granted. 申請日期: 2020年5月18日(詳情容後公布)Application starts: 18 May 2020 (Details to be announced) 金額: 五億港元(先到先得) Pool of funding: $500,000,000 (first-come-first-serve)
  • 申請資格 Application Criteria
    ➤ 所有私營企業(不包括上市公司、法定機構和接受公帑資助的非政府機構)持有: All private enterprises (excluding publicly listed companies, statutory bodies and non-government organisations funded by the Government) with: 有效商業登記證 Business Registration Certificate 在2020年1月1日前已經開業 Ongoing business commenced before 1 January 2020 於提交申請時仍在與申請項目相關的行業有實質業務運作 Substantive business operation in the industry related to the project in the application at the time of application.
  • 我們提供的優惠方案 Our Offerings
    ➤ 銷售管理人員服務 Salesforce CRM system for Sales Management 立即申請 Apply Now Sales Cloud License CRM Template Implementation Services Ongoing Support for 1 year ➤ 服務管理人員服務 Salesforce CRM system for Services Management立即申請 Apply Now Salesforce Services Cloud License CRM Template Implementation Services Ongoing Support for 1 year ➤ 市場推廣人員服務 Salesforce CRM system for Marketers 立即申請 Apply Now Salesforce Marketing Cloud License CRM Template Implementation Services Ongoing Support for 1 year ➤ 軟件機械人流程自動化方案 RPA Solution 立即申請 Apply Now Automation Anywhere RPA License RPA Template Implementation Services Ongoing Support for 1 year
  • 申請 Application
    ➤ 申請流程 Application Process 企業選擇自己需要的方案, 準備申請文件遞交申請: Companies need to understand the IT solution they need and prepare the documents for submission before 18 May 2020. 可於2020年5月11日向 Laputa 進行預先申請,可登入申請遙距營商計劃。 如有查詢,請與 Victor Lam (Laputa市場部) 聯繫 38935325 和電郵至 Pre-application via Laputa has already been started from 11 May 2020 via Application for Distance Business Program For enquiry, please contact 38935325 and with Victor Lam (Marketing department of Laputa) 2020年5月18日開始接受網上填寫申請表、遞交文件 Online application will start on 18 May 2020. 生產力促進局特快批核: 預計每個批核需時10個工作天 (為期6個月) HKPC will approve the application and it takes 10 working days (valid for projects within 6 months) 申請批核成功後,開始服務項目 After approval, company can kick start on the project. ➤ 所需文件Application Documents 商業登記 Business Registration (BR) Certificate 証明2020.1.1後仍然營作的証明文件 (如: 合約,購貨單,強積金紀錄等) Supporting documents for ongoing business commenced before 1 January 2020 填妥及簽署的申請表格 Signed and completed Application form 已核准的資訊科技方案 Approved IT solution offerings
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