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Accelerate the Sales Cycle

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions are key to making payment and invoicing systems more efficient and effective. Automation Anywhere is at the head of RPA innovations, and with Laputa’s experienced implementation team, you can be assured that your sales processes will run better than ever before.

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Speed Up the Supply Chain

By taking over the many repetitive tasks so often encountered in supply chain departments, RPA can eliminate the possibility of simple errors and expedite the order processing.

Digitize your Procure-to Pay Process

With Automation Anywhere, you can digitize your procurement process to strengthen compliance and have complete command over information regarding contracts, vendors, regulations, buyers, and accounts payable.

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Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

Streamlining your payment system with RPA results in an improvement in company cash flow.

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Payment and Invoice

Access and organize unstructured data from invoice documents, update vendor records, and payment validation and processing.

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