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Fundraising with Non-Profit Cloud

Your supporters and funders expect you to engage with them in meaningful ways, similar to digital experiences in their consumer and personal lives. How do you meet or beat those needs and expectations? The best technology puts people first. Non-profit technology should help you focus on the individual donor, regularly exceeding their expectations and building enduring relationships.

Use Data to Drive Fundraising

Data is only as valuable as your ability to use it. The Non-profit Success Pack is a non-profit technology built on the world’s #1 Customer Relations Manager (CRM) for business. It helps you manage recurring donations, and make the entry of donor data and payments into your system easy and accurate with Gift Entry. Accounting Subledger also prepares all donation data for your financial systems, helping you meeting financial reporting requirements and reconcile revenue.

Connect Giving on One Platform

Connect and view multiple giving channels on a single platform. All your income, whether from online or off, can be easily counted, allocated to programs, and tracked through your accounting systems. Non-profit Cloud is an open system where you can leverage our ecosystem of innovative apps to download and connect, and even integrate with legacy systems.

Combine Direct Mail with Digital

Funds raised through direct mail are still a substantial source for non-profits, and with Salesforce it is easy to add channels to new sources. Grow awareness and donor acquisition by intertwining your existing direct mail strategy with the great digital tools for personalized communications across multiple channels.

Accelerate the Flow of Donations

Grow your biggest donor relationships on a mobile platform with instant analytics and income forecasting. Non-profit Cloud helps your development team craft a cohesive and robust gift strategy. Climb the engagement ladder by cultivating potential donors through enduring stewardship, while ensuring a meaningful experience for givers.

Gain Visibility and Agility

Utilize powerful reports, dashboards, analytics, and artificial intelligence from any device to analyze revenue and see opportunities for improvement. With one view of fundraising and donor engagement, you can stay agile and drive results. Working together, your programs and fundraising teams can share stories with persuasive data to prove your cause deserves that next investment.


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