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How can Non-profit Cloud help with Program Management?

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“With Salesforce, we can unlock insights that enable more people to get their lives back. It helps make the invisible crime more visible.” – Justine Currell, Executive Director of Unseen.

Non-profit Cloud enables organizations to measure and manage their programs more effectively. Program Directors can better understand which initiatives or interventions are most successful, adjust services to better fit clients’ needs, and quickly define and create new programs. Non-profit professionals, the people they serve, and the donors that support their work deserve better program management tools than paper and spreadsheets.

Manage Many Different Types of Programs

Managing complex programs and unique services is hard to do, especially when they are tracked on paper or in spreadsheets. Free and open-source, Non-profit Success Pack’s Program Management Module helps educate non-profits in how to manage a large variety of programs and services, regardless of complexity.

Deliver Personalized Client Services

When delivering services to a number of clients, it can be hard to understand – and act on – the best next step for each individual. With Non-profit Cloud Case Management, service providers can handle a large caseload but still personalize the care they provide.

Human-centric Support – Anytime, Anywhere

Whether a non-profit runs an emergency service helpline or a call centre to provide information and support, Salesforce’s Service Cloud helps agents respond quickly, wherever and whenever the situation may arise. Non-profits can make service accessible across every touchpoint with consistent support through chat, messaging, voice, and social media. Support agents are also empowered to work from the desk or in the field, streamlining the flow of information with an intuitive, offline-first mobile app.

Track, Manage, and Coordinate Volunteers

When volunteers are the lifeblood of a non-profit’s operations, cultivating strong human connections to the mission is crucial. The Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) app helps inspire volunteers and enrich their experiences by matching jobs with their skills and availability. Staff can send reminder emails for upcoming shifts, thank volunteers quickly for investing their time, and keep them engaged by posting volunteer opportunities on an interactive web calendar. Check it out in the AppExchange.

Understand and Share Impact

Nonprofit Cloud has incredible tools to help create persuasive reports, so everyone across the organization can make data-informed decisions about programs and services. Whether a non-profit simply wants to tell funders how many community members they served this month, or take a long view of trends in their data, there’s a reporting solution. Non-profits have limited time and resources, so they must make sure they’re spending them the right way.

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