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How does Laputa Technologies Help NGOs Grow Their Communities?

Now, more than ever, NGOs play a vital in Hong Kong, and Laputa believes it is its duty to support those at the forefront of bringing our city together. What we have learned from our many years of working with NGOs, we have condensed into this Salesforce JumpStart Solution. In this solution, we will provide you with the same capabilities as large businesses, but at a fraction of the licensing cost.

Laputa Technologies also understands the urgency to help those within the community. Our JumpStart program means we can build together with you a Constituent Relationship Management (“CRM”) system in as little time as 10 man-days.

The features at your fingertips will include: a 360 degree view of your members, activity and profile management, report creation, and more. So you can master these features, Laputa will provide you with training sessions and instructional documentation. All of this to support your cause; all of this for a stronger community.

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