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Tech for Philanthropy: How does Laputa Technologies Help NGOs Grow Their Communities?

A few days ago, Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu expressed hope that Hong Kong could establish itself as a major international hub for philanthropy. He highlighted at the Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum, how individuals and organizations from all sectors came together in response to last week's record-breaking rainstorm, showcasing the city's strong capabilities for charitable work.

Empower charitable groups to maximize the impact with Salesforce

Non-profit organizations play a vital role in the Hong Kong community for long time. At Laputa Technologies, we feel a responsibility to support those at the forefront of bringing people together. Through our work with NGOs over many years, we've developed insights into their unique needs.

Our Salesforce Jumpstart Solution aims to provide the same powerful capabilities traditionally reserved for large enterprises, but at a highly accessible price point for non-profits. This will help empower charitable groups to maximize their important community impact.

Laputa Technologies also understands the urgency to help those within the community. Our JumpStart program means we can build together with you a Constituent Relationship Management (“CRM”) system in as little time as 10 man-days.

The features at your fingertips will include: a 360 degree view of your members, activity and profile management, report creation, and more. So you can master these features, Laputa will provide you with training sessions and instructional documentation. All of this to support your cause; all of this for a stronger community.

Our goal is to streamline operations for nonprofit organizations by eliminating data silos both within and across partner entities. To truly maximize your collective impact, there must be strong collaboration between all stakeholders through shared information and insights gleaned from data. We convened with our partner organizations and nonprofit leaders to identify solutions addressing four core priorities:

  • Develop impactful social programs and client services through advanced case management capabilities.

  • Grow philanthropic funding through data-driven intelligence and donor insights.

  • Deepen community engagement by powering personalized experiences tailored to each member's needs.

  • Establish a closed loop of continuous improvement through measurement, analysis and transparent reporting of outcomes achieved.

We now have the opportunity to start building directly into the core of Salesforce, gaining access to innovation across all Salesforce industries.

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