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How to Wow Your Customers With World Class Customer Order Management

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Customer experience matters more than ever

It’s no secret that today, what differentiates one brand from another is the shopping experience. In fact, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is just as important as its products or services.

When it comes to order management, shoppers want complete transparency and the tools to control their experience and engagement with your brand. This can include a number of functions:

1.Updating a shipping address

2.Checking order status

3.Canceling an order

4.Choosing a shipping carrier and payment method

5.Initiating self-service returns

Next-generation order management systems like Salesforce Order Management put the customer at the center of everything, empowering them to take control of their experience and lays the foundation for exceptional shopping experiences that drive customer loyalty. 

There are critical moments in the shopping journey that can either annoy or amaze your customers, and these moments help determine whether they have a great experience or a poor one. Here are two ways to ensure that those moments amaze your shoppers:

Provide flexibility in shipping, delivery, and returns

Consumers want choices, and they want to be in control of those choices. From one-hour delivery in metro areas to weekend delivery, in-store pickup, and split shipments, your customers expect options that align with their lifestyle, and they expect these options to be displayed clearly on the product and checkout pages. The same goes for returns. Customers need to be able to print out their own shipping labels, track their return online, and, if you have physical stores, return items to the store. 

Make sure customers can self-serve

Your customers should be able to check order status and receive updates on their own terms, including text and email updates, and should be able to change shipping details. Returns, too, should be self-service, including printing out return labels and choosing how and where to return an item. Live chats are going mainstream, giving consumers a quick way to reach customer service (including bots) to answer basic questions. If a service request requires escalation to a live person, the customer service rep should have a real-time, unified view of all that customer’s activity.


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