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2021 12/ Webinar: Whatsapp Data Business Trend

This live event was held in DCH living hall, Harpia Connect' solution CEO & Co-Founder, Ivan Wong, invite Ken Li, the sales director of Greater China of Salesforce, the world's largest customer management system, Eddie Chan from Laputa, a cloud-membership system expert, and two business leaders including Jathy Fong of BEAUSKIN Medical, And Chris Chan of e-banner, disassemble the most forward-looking new customer communication methods in 2022, the new trend of traditional marketing platform transformation, and the use of communication software to trigger new business opportunities.

Explores the many ways Whatsapp and Salesforce can elevate the way organizations can connect with their customers. The use of WhatsApp and other communication software to respond to customer needs in real-time has become the mainstream of business, but can traditional enterprises grasp the "WhatsApp business opportunities" brought about by new operating models and derived data?

To get the recording of the webinar, contact us at, and we will send you a recording.


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