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Common Challenges for Internal Processes In Enterprises Nowadays


Today’s business world is heavily impacted by automation, AI, an explosion of connected devices which create zillions of data per every second. Most of the enterprises are facing similar challenges both internally and externally.

Dissatisfied Internal & External Customers – People always wait in a long queue to speak to an IT helpdesk. There are no tools, standard process or workflow available for them to resolve the issues by themselves.

Long Resolution Times and Lost Issues – Not easy to track the status of user requests, hence, issues were stalled and even lost.

Costly cross-functional collaboration – Departments may set different task priorities and pursue incongruent objectives. In the worst case, these differences among departments can cause dysfunctional conflicts that may lead to project failures.

Difficulty keeping track of assets – Not easy to keep track of the user computer issues such as model, service history and software.

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How Workflow Management Can Transform The Way We Work

Self-Service Portal

User can make requests through service catalogs and find information in common knowledge bases. Departments, work groups, and even devices can assign, prioritize, collaborate, get down to root cause issues, and intelligently orchestrate actions, e.g. Reset Password, HR Benefits Request. HR can consumerize the employee service experience with self service portals and get the insights they need to continually improve service delivery.

Automatic Workflow

Use ITIL-based incident management to automatically track and process incidents. User service request will be automatically routed to the right resource (IT, CS, HR…).

Any department can quickly build business applications to automate processes—with reusable components that help accelerate innovation.

Keep Track of Assets and Discovery

Maintain an accurate record of all of your IT assets, including who’s using them. Reduce the effort of managing your assets while always having an up-to-date view. Increase agility and lower costs by consolidating legacy tools into a modern, easy to use service management solution in the cloud.

Comprehensive Report

Provide data on applications and feature like your user request. Create your own reports with a user-friendly tool.

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