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Established in September 2009, Laputa Technologies Ltd. (Laputa) is a Hong Kong-based company that serves the Greater China, APAC, and EMEA countries. With over a decade’s worth of combined experience in Customer Relationship Management, Robotic Process Automation, and Low-Code Application Development, our team’s mission is to provide premier consulting and implementation services for cloud-based solutions.

Since April 2017, Laputa has been a member of the Dah Chong Hong Holdings company.


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Why Laputa?

With strong operational and financial support from our shareholder, we have grown into one of the largest cloud-app implementation teams in Hong Kong. Our 100+ customers collectively have more than 15,000 end users around the world. This track record of over 400 successful implementations, both local and regional, proves the class and quality of our project management team.

​​Our group is comprised of different backgrounds including finance, technology, marketing, sales, and project management. We also boast a diversity of nationalities such as Hong Kong SAR, Canada, China. Using a specialized, innovative, and holistic approach, we have helped our clients transform their businesses for success in the digital age.

Our management team also has strong credentials in cloud implementation, sales, and finance, as well as key domain understanding of various industries. Equipped with the knowledge and the experience, we are prepared and committed to exceeding expectations and to building a long-term relationship with all of our partners.


Informatica Data Disruption Award 2018.p

Informatica Data Disruption Award 2018 (Sep 2018) 

Awardee: DCH Holdings (Implemented by Laputa Technologies)
JCI Hong Kong We Unite for Better World.

JCI Hong Kong We Unite for Better World (Aug 2018)

Awardee: Laputa Technologies



400+ Successful Service Management Projects


100+ Customers in Greater China, APAC and EMEA


40+ Staff Multi-cloud consulting teams in Hong Kong


10+ Year experience


1-Stop Shop in providing Enterprise Multi-cloud Applications

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