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How can we do things faster and more effectively?  Laputa can help you answer this question with a combination of solutions. Utilizing Salesforce’s cloud-based technology, as well as Automation Anywhere’s RPA, your business can raise and reach its potential.

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Everything in its Place

Specifically, in one place. Salesforce allows you to embed collaborative documents inside organized records and systems, keeping every part of a deal or case together.

Anytime, Anywhere

Take on repetitive work and free professionals to focus on more high-value and strategic contributions to the business.

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No Margin for Error

Maximize productivity without causing extensive changes to underlying processes or existing software infrastructure. 

Boost Efficiency

Access and reorganize unstructured data to update and process records. 

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Learn from the Past, Look to the Future

Salesforce’s Cloud offers you a complete view of customer information, and with this vantage point, you can make better decisions in the short and long run.

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