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Banking, Financial Services,

and Insurance

With Laputa, you can revolutionise the way you manage customer relationships for optimal success. Our cloud solution is designed to continually meet your industry needs, supercharge productivity, and boost bottom lines.

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How we can help

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✓ Exceed expectations

Insurance representatives and agents will have the tools to deliver more personalised communications across any device, collaborate in online social feeds, streamline service requests, and track new opportunities

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✓ Work smarter

Achieve a complete view of all service requests submitted through the web, social media channels, emails, and call centres. Prioritise inquiries, ensure the right person is on the case, and do it all on the Salesforce platform

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✓ Personalise interactions

Engage in more rewarding and meaningful conversations with customers, using smart alert reminders for important life events.

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✓ Empower policyholders

Always be there for your customers with SOS video chat and real-time interactions from any device, providing peace of mind when your customers need it most with self-service capabilities for tracking claims.

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✓ Customer Centricity

Retain old and attract new customers with timely, holistic, and certifiably accurate data.

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✓ Data Privacy Compliance and Protection

Identify and protect sensitive data to comply with privacy regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Successful Cases

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  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

  • OutSystems

  • Automation Anywhere

  • ServiceNow

  • Informatica

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