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Customer Relationship

Management (CRM) Solution

CRM software stores customer contact information and tracks their activities, delivering instant insights and recommendations that grows your business. With Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM provider, we can bring your organisation and your customers closer together.

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What can CRM and Salesforce do for you? 

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1. Salesforce Pardot

Reach customers at any stage of the customer lifecycle and guide them from awareness to advocacy.

2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Connect with customers and manage their journeys across every channel, on any device. 

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3. Service Cloud 

Empower agents and managers to provide smarter service with the collaboration and productivity tools they need, as well as a complete view of customer information for decision making and resource planning.

4. Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

Clients today expect personalised outreach, proactive insights, and goal-based planning to deliver the results they want.  Meet the evolving needs of every client with outstanding service and omni-channel integration across social, web, email, and more.

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5. Non-profit Success Pack 

Non-profits can enjoy a single, unified view of every interaction with clients, supporters, members, funders, volunteers, and affiliates. You can also raise more resources, customise communications, work better together and boost your productivity.

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Where can CRM and Salesforce help you?

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✓ Sales Management

 As more sales opportunities appear across your organisation, CRM keeps your customer at centre focus with a customisable and commanding view over sales, service, and marketing. 

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✓ Digital Marketing 

With a single, unified platform, your teams can share data and collaborate on an integrated marketing campaign, engaging customers and delivering results.

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✓ Customer Services Management 

With an extensive, flexible cloud platform integrated into every part of your business, you can build a complete service the way your customers want it.

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✓ Financial Services & Insurance 

Create a personal customer experience that builds trust and loyalty. We offer software for financial advisors that provide integrated sales, as well as service and marketing solutions that break down silos. These new applications help create a cohesive experience for your customers across all departments, and through all channels of communication.  

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✓ NGOs 

Strengthen relationships with donors, reach out to potential volunteers, engage the general public, and automate menial processes so you can focus on priorities. As there is no business as serious as helping others, Salesforce offers non-profits deep discount on a range of Salesforce products.

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