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Media & Communication  

Win over subscribers for life with personalised experiences and best-in-class service, and by making life easy for your digital-savvy, mobile-first, and media-hungry consumers.

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How we can help

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✓ Deliver what customers expect.

Our solutions for communications give customers, reps, agents and retailers a clear, fast, and easy way to access all the information they need.

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✓ Know what customers want.

Customer service is not about bandwidth, but about human connections. With mobile apps and tools to manage subscriptions, browse content, update profiles, and more, Salesforce transforms customer care, using collaborative systems to help reps know each customer better.

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✓ Engage and innovate.

Use social and mobile cloud solutions to make sure customers are always connected to the right person, with the information they need.

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✓ Build a connected company culture.

Salesforce makes it easy for internal teams to work together, track progress, and give feedback from anywhere.

Successful Cases

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  • Salesforce Sales Cloud 

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • OutSystems

  • Automation Anywhere

  • ServiceNow

  • Informatica


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