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As data becomes a vital component to success in today’s economy, Informatica could help you access, protect, and handle your data.

     How can Informatica and Laputa help you?

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✓ Data Quality Improvement and Protection

Safeguard vital data so they are always kept within the organization and never lost, protecting internal and external users from various data loss, thefts and breaches.

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✓ Increase your Efficiency

In increasingly competitive markets, Informatica can control your data quality by reducing errors, and allow employees to access desired data faster to improve worker efficiency.

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✓ Manage Big Data

Using Informatica Big Data, you can ingest, prepare, catalogue, and govern your big data, delivering accurate and consistent insights from data lakes you can trust. With Informatica’s Intelligent Cloud Services, integrate data with huge connections such as Google BigQuery, reinforcing your existing data.

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