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Data Integration Solution

To fuel advanced analytics and critical operations, Informatica can help you discover, access, integrate, and deliver all your trusted critical data at any speed, batch or streaming, reliably and at scale.

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What can Informatica do for you? 

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1 Order Management

Reduce working capital and increase customer loyalty by switching to a more accurate view of order effectiveness.

2 Equipment Performance Monitoring

Quickly test, calibrate, and integrate sensors with trusted equipment for quality assurance, product development, and maintenance operations.

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3 Customer Experience

Drive proactive decisions with the right view into your data and analytics. Connect care with assurance and break down silos across the enterprise.

4 Product Quality Management

Capture a complete view of the supply chain to address any possible product quality issues.

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How would your telecommunications benefit? 

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1. Customer Experience Management

Attract, retain, and delight customers with personalized experiences informed by a complete understanding of your customers and their shopping journeys. Leverage trusted data about customers' needs and preferences to deepen their engagement.

2. Telecommunications Product Experience

Efficiently deliver rich, consistent telecommunication product information across all channels to enhance customer experience.

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3. Data Privacy: Improve Your Digital Trust

Build digital trust into your customer experience, comply with data privacy laws, and improve customer loyalty.

How would this improve your business?

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✓ Reimagining Brick and Mortar Stores Through Digital Transformation

Enhance in-store shopping experiences, ensuring brick and mortar locations are utilized effectively.

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✓ Intelligent Solutions for Distributors

Our solutions help you unleash the power and value of your data so you can make the most out of every emerging opportunity.

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