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OutSystems is a Digital Factory that drives enterprise digital transformation, creating applications at any scale, for anything.

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How can OutSystems and Laputa help you?

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✓ Unbeatable speed

Every aspect of OutSystems is crafted to help you build better apps faster and make changes easily; not to mention that each application is assisted by powerful tools, as well as highly productive, intuitive, visual development. 

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✓ Integrate with Everything

From core ERP and CRM solutions to aging legacy systems, OutSystems makes it easy to combine any external enterprise systems, databases, and custom app together.

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✓ Great User Experience

Design pixel-perfect applications using pre-built templates and patterns or your own code, delighting your users with beautiful experiences on any device.

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✓  Low-code, No Limits 

With OutSystems, it is easy to extend your applications with your own custom code. As an open, standards-based platform with no lock-in, no proprietary data models, and no proprietary run-time, you can count on worry-free, future-proof implementations.

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✓ Enterprise-Grade 

OutSystems is the only low-code platform with advanced enterprise features. From departmental apps to mission-critical systems with millions of users, enterprise-grade scale and security are already built into the platform.

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✓ Unbreakable Deployment 

Change applications faster and decrease maintenance costs while ensuring that no matter how big the change, your applications will always be architecturally sound and functional.

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✓ Metrics that Matter

Be assured that your apps will always be running at peak performance. Real-time data can help you easily identify anything that needs to be corrected or optimized, keeping costs down and users delighted.

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