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Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform.


Why Salesforce is your Best Choice of CRM?


“ Salesforce Gartner Magic Quadrant in Sales Force Automation for 11 years ”


“ Salesforce Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPQ ”


“  Salesforce Fortune #1 The Future 50 ”


“ Salesforce Forrester 2018 Wave CRM Suites Q4 ”


“ Salesforce Forbes #1 World’s Most Innovative Companies ”

Fortune Change the World list

“ Salesforce Fortune Change the World list for the 3 years ”




#1 Sales Cloud


Grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, close deals faster 

#3 Marketing Cloud


Understand more onconsumers 

Engage them better 

Personalise their experience

#5 Financial Cloud


Know your customers like never before

Increase engagement with intelligence

Make smarter and faster client decisions

Deepen and grow your book of business

#7 Commerce Cloud


Create personalised, intelligent shopper journeys, wherever shoppers roam

#2 Service Cloud​


Deliver smarter, more personalised support

#4 Community Cloud


Steer toward team success with communities; Transform the way you engage partners, customers, and employees

#6  Fast Moving Consumer Goods solution


More efficient methods of conducting in-store surveys; Consistent retail audit processes between chains or territories; Reduce Delays in getting information from the field; Replace paper, email or spreadsheets to document shelf conditions

#8 Nonprofit Success Pack


Starts with flexible, open data architecture and adds pre-built constituent and donor management components




Single Customer View

Much improved customer service levels Better customer retention
Higher conversion rates

Improved overall customer lifetime value (“CLV”)

Increased Profitability


Sales cycles decreases
Salesmen can focus more on closing

Increased workplace productivity


More personalised full profile of the customer and their journey

More insightful guide to improving future sales

More future customer interactions

Easier Management of Pipeline


Provides a predictive view into trends and events that become leading indicators of your revenue and profit metrics

Provide CEOs and CFOs with CRM dashboards to monitor these leading indicators

Look for changes in lead generation, opportunity creation or pipeline value to spot early indicators of future problems in top-line

Have a proactive and informed approach in managing the business


ServiceNow is a Single Platform for Automating Business Processes.

Why ServiceNow

is your Best Choice of Workflow Management?


“ ServiceNow a leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools ”

Forrester Study

“ Wave Enterprise Service Management Q3 2018 ”

IDC MarketScape

“  ServiceNow Named a Leader in IT Service and Incident Management Software ”


“ World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018 ”




#1 IT Service Management (ITSM)


ServiceNow ITSM delivers services that amaze your users, increase productivity, and achieve new insights by consolidating to the most innovative ITSM solution.

#3 Now Platform


ServiceNow NOW Platforms provides a single platform for automating and digitizing your business processes, and allows users to intelligently automate tasks and workflows that integrate systems, people, and data across the enterprise. 

#2 Customer Service Management (CSM​)


Great service means more than just engaging your customers. ServiceNow CSM connects customer service with other teams to resolve issues quickly and proactively.

#4 IT Operations Management (ITOM)


ServiceNow ITOM moves IT operations from a reactive team to a proactive one that works intelligently for the business. It gains visibility into your operations footprint, manage service health, and optimize service delivery and spend.

#5 Government, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)


ServiceNow GRC transforms inefficient processes by combining security, IT, and risk capabilities into an integrated risk program built on the Now Platform. Continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation ensure rapid identification and response to risks in real time.






Users can make requests and find information through Self-Service Portal.

Users can assign, prioritize and take actions.

Users can get insights for service improvement.

Automatic Workflow


Users can automatically track and process incidents and routed the request to the right resource.

Users can quickly build business applications to automate processes.

Keep Track of Assets and Discovery  


Users can maintain an accurate and single view of IT assets.

Users can lower costs by consolidating legacy tools in cloud.

Comprehensive Report provided


Users can provide requested data and reports.


Tealium is An Entreprise Grade

Tag Management Solution

Why Tealium

is your Best Choice of Tag Management?

Customer Data Platform Buyer’s Guide

“ Tealium Receives Highest Overall Scores in Customer Data Platform Buyer’s Guide ”

Successful global clients

“  Tealium gained many successful global clients, which is experienced in adding value to customers ”




#1 Tealium IQ Tag Management


#3 Tealium Audience stream CDP​

#2 Tealium Eventstream API Hub


#4 Tealium Data access


#5 Tealium for Mobile





#1 Tealium IQ Tag Management


#3 Tealium Audience stream CDP​

#2 Tealium Eventstream API Hub


#4 Tealium Data access


#5 Tealium for Mobile





Improved Customer Experiences and Better ROI

Know their customers

Identify untapped opportunities

Deliver incredible customer experiences

Tag Management Facilitates Governance

All users can have free reign over on digital footprint

Provides a foundation for control, compliance, and overall good governance.

Centralize ownership, processes, and procedures around data collection.

Minimize IT dependence & Increase Your Efficiency

Allows companies to have very different, more streamlined, and more efficient conversations with your agency, IT department or “web guy.”

Have all the tags and rules available in one single place can provide enormous benefit.


Help your pages load faster and better performance


Informatica Helps Accelerate Your Data-driven Digital Transformations

Why Informatica

is your Best Choice of Data Management Platform (DMP)?


“ Informatica 2018 Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions ”


“ Informatica 2018 SIIA CODiE Award for Best iPaaS ”

CRM Market Award 

“  Informatica 2018 CRM Market Award for Best Data Quality Solution ”

Cloudera’s annual Partner Summit

“ Best Solution Award for Driving Customer Insights at Cloudera’s annual Partner Summit ”




#1 Big Data


Informatica Big Data can ingest, prepare, catalog, master, govern, and protect your big data to deliver accurate and consistent big data insights from data lakes you can trust.

#3 Data Integration


Informatica Data Integration can discover, access, integrate, and deliver all your trusted critical data, at any speed, batch or streaming, reliably and at scale, to fuel advanced analytics and critical operations.

#5 Data Security


Informatica Data Security can discover, classify, remediate, and monitor sensitive data for data privacy and protection.

#2 Cloud Integration


Informatica Cloud Integration is a next-generation iPaaS, reimagined for new hybrid data management challenges with a microservices architecture.t

#4 Data Quality


Informatica Data Quality can deliver high-quality clean and trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and governance that scales, regardless of size and format of data, platform, or technology.

#6 Master Data Management (MDM)


Informatica MDM can unleash the value of your data with a modular, end-to-end MDM solution.




Data Protection


Ensures vital data is never lost and within organization

Protects members and companies from various data loss, thefts and breaches

Data Quality Improvement


Improving data access

Better search results

Minimized errors


Minimizing potential errors and damages

Control the data quality

Efficiency Improvements

Fast access to all employees can increase worker efficiency

Avoid wasting organization’s resources

Automation Anywhere 

Digital Workforce of software robots that can execute any business process. 


Why Automation Anywhere 

is your Best Choice of RPA platform?


“ RPA, Q2 2018 ”

.CODiE Award

“ #1 in Top 10 RPA Products 2018 ”


“ Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award”


“  The Leader in Decision Matrix: RPA Platforms 2018-19


“ The Everest Peak Matrix for RPA 2018 ”


“ Networks Products Guide: Hot Technology Award 2018”

Automation Anywhere 



#1 IQ bot


Cognitive automation is RPA with no limits. AI that reads and processes data like humans.

#3 Bot store


The world's leading marketplace for bots and Digital Workers

#2 Bot insight


RPA analytics in real-time at the bot, process and business levels. 

#4 Mobile app


Can securely access analytics, data and bots for even greater productivity in real-time

Automation Anywhere



Increase business process speed


Bots execute at the fastest possible pace, never slowing down or taking breaks.

Scale capacity on demand


RPA is infinitely elastic. Increase/decrease bandwidth in real time with bots at your service.

Maximize Accuracy 100% + Availability 24 x 365


RPA can achieve error-free execution. That’s 100% accuracy, every time. Bots don’t sleep. RPA is designed to run non-stop. Just say go.

Improve Business process compliance + 

Controls + Auditability


Following the rules is one of the defining traits of RPA. Once set up to follow regulations and standards, bots will never deviate from the assigned execution path. Everything RPA bots do is monitored and recorded.

Enhance Security


RPA enables unprecedented security with separation of duties, access control and ironclad encryption and architecture.

Deliver Business Intelligence


RPA analytics transform the details bots report back in real time into performance and operational insights.

Improve employee morale


RPA relieves the burden of manual repetitive processes, giving your workforce the opportunity to achieve great things.

Optimize Labor Investment


RPA handles repetitive business processes so your talent can focus on what adds value.

Accelerate digital transformation


RPA extends your automation footprint and provides insights that can change the way you do business.