Automation Anywhere 

Digital Workforce of software robots that can execute any business process. 

Why Automation Anywhere 

is your Best Choice of RPA platform?

“ RPA, Q2 2018 ”


“ #1 in Top 10 RPA Products 2018 ”

.CODiE Award

“ Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award”


“  The Leader in Decision Matrix: RPA Platforms 2018-19


“ The Everest Peak Matrix for RPA 2018 ”


“ Networks Products Guide: Hot Technology Award 2018”


Automation Anywhere 



#1 IQ bot


Cognitive automation is RPA with no limits. AI that reads and processes data like humans.

#3 Bot store


The world's leading marketplace for bots and Digital Workers

#2 Bot insight


RPA analytics in real-time at the bot, process and business levels. 

#4 Mobile app


Can securely access analytics, data and bots for even greater productivity in real-time

Automation Anywhere



Increase business process speed


Bots execute at the fastest possible pace, never slowing down or taking breaks.

Scale capacity on demand


RPA is infinitely elastic. Increase/decrease bandwidth in real time with bots at your service.

Maximize Accuracy 100% + Availability 24 x 365


RPA can achieve error-free execution. That’s 100% accuracy, every time. Bots don’t sleep. RPA is designed to run non-stop. Just say go.

Improve Business process compliance + 

Controls + Auditability


Following the rules is one of the defining traits of RPA. Once set up to follow regulations and standards, bots will never deviate from the assigned execution path. Everything RPA bots do is monitored and recorded.

Enhance Security


RPA enables unprecedented security with separation of duties, access control and ironclad encryption and architecture.

Deliver Business Intelligence


RPA analytics transform the details bots report back in real time into performance and operational insights.

Improve employee morale


RPA relieves the burden of manual repetitive processes, giving your workforce the opportunity to achieve great things.

Optimize Labor Investment


RPA handles repetitive business processes so your talent can focus on what adds value.

Accelerate digital transformation


RPA extends your automation footprint and provides insights that can change the way you do business.

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