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Retail/FMCG/Consumer Goods

Make every shopper’s experience tailored-made by designing a more coherent, appealing, and complex digital platform.

How we can help

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✓ Provide display, search functions, and advertising from one integrated platform

Find new customers and manage hundreds of campaigns across social sites, mobile publishers, and advertising ecosystems with Advertising Studio.

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✓ Make marketing smarter

Create personalised, scalable journeys that deliver the right offer to shoppers at the right time on the right channels.

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✓ Transform digital commerce and reinvent the store

Make the shopping experience seamless across web, social, mobile, and physical stores. Enable omnichannel order management capabilities that let shoppers buy anywhere and retailers sell and fulfil orders anywhere.

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✓ Save money and drive conversation

Make genuine conversations with shoppers on their preferred channels. Customize every interaction and empower agents to respond faster with the information they need to turn today's shopper into a customer for life.

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✓ Deliver service that's the whole package

Help customers find answers faster with self-service guides, community forums, and mobile video chat. Reduce service hold times with instant access to customers, as well as warranty, entitlement, and installed base information.

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✓ Turn consumers into loyal customers

Nurture leads, engage prospects, and target upsell opportunities within existing accounts with one-to-one customer journeys. Build more rewarding relationships by personalising every sales, service, and marketing interaction, all while creating a cohesive brand experience.

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✓ Omnichannel Customer Data Management

Boost analytics with trustworthy customer data to help you deliver consistent, personalized, and multichannel shopping experiences.

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Successful Cases

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  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

  • OutSystems

  • Automation Anywhere


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