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With more than ten years of experience implementing Salesforceand over 400 projects across the world, Laputa has provided the highest quality service to its clients. Having one of the largest implementation teams in Hong Kong, Laputa can offer customizations based on your unique requirements, and provide educational services so you can utilize your new capabilities effectively.

     How can Salesforce and Laputa help you?

✓ Create a user-friendly and single customer view with CRM

Retain more customers, increase conversion rates, and raise the overall customer lifetime value.

✓ Increase profitability and productivity with Salesforce

With a full profile of the customer and their journey, your salespersons can generate an insightful guide to improving future sales, and lead to future customer interactions. Speed up the sales cycle and close deals fasters.

✓ Easier Management of pipeline

Predict trends and events that become leading indicators of your revenue and profit metrics. By monitoring these indicators, you can spot signals of future problems, as well as recognize changes in lead generation, opportunity creation, or pipeline value.

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