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Management to Match the Mission: How NGOs use Salesforce Contact and Event Management Today?

In this webinar, Laputa Technologies' solution engineer, Max Li, explores the many ways Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack can elevate the way organizations can connect with their community members. Unpacking out-of-the-box solutions and applications already integrated into Salesforce, such as Blackthorn and our own incentive program, we show the breadth of Salesforce's NPSP.

We are also very happy to have had KK Wong from the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) join us and share his own experience using Salesforce's NPSP for CCDC's donor management system. The ability of the Salesforce platform to integrate with other applications such as Mailchimp, how quick it is to implement, and how exactly it resolved the challenges that CCDC faced during the pandemic, and more, were all reasons why CCDC decided on using Salesforce as their donor management solution moving forward.

To get the recording of the webinar, contact us at, and we will send you a recording.


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