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Business Solutions

Implementation & solution roll out

Business Solutions

With one of the LARGEST Salesforce CRM & Cloud Solution Consulting teams in Hong Kong, our successful formula is on a pragmatic approach to the constraints that exist in today’s large organizations, including:

Project Planning


Our consulting team will identify your specific needs with careful scoping and a detailed master project plan and work plan. We will provide guidance in designing the architecture of your business processes and goals to achieve.

Project Analysis​


Our analysis will start by studying the existing business processes, defining any potential gaps and prioritizing requirements.  After that, our consultant will work together with customers on the goal and milestone together with points of tracking.

Project Design


With a detailed process of planning and analysis, our consultant will articulate the solution design, data mapping, migration, business process and delivery model.

After this holistic process, specific financial requirement and project outcomes would be defined, to ensure what we propose would be

cost-effective, scalable, and personalized for business.


Professional Solutions

Configuration & customization

Professional Solutions

Over 10 years of establishment, Laputa has global footprint in Hong Kong, Greater China, APAC and EMEA countries with 100+ Customers and 15,000+ Business Users.  We have a successful history of 400+ CRM implementation projects for companies of all sizes across a range of industries, in Hong Kong and in multiple locations. We offer a comprehensive range of flexible implementation services.

Project Management


Our Project team will work closely with you to ensure everything is on track, on time, within budget and fully aligned with your pre-defined project goals & roadmap, for performance tracking.

Solution Implementation


Based on your unique requirements, we conduct application configuration, review and different testings, including cycle testing, stress testing and User Acceptance Test. Also we will have regular evaluation of the solution to ensure it fully meets your business needs.

Global & Local Adoption


Laputa will guide you all the way to a successful implementation, no matter it is across departments, BUs or countries. A roadmap will be provided to ensure end-users, management and administrators are well informed.

There would be project recap, assessment, live application, training and project summary provided. We work with cutting-edge technology and are experts in providing cloud solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, and personalized for your business locally and globally.  



Mobility Solutions

Mobile application development based on Cloud Platform

Mobilty Solutions

Based on and AppExchange platform, we create our unique Mobility Application Development for customer. To add value to customers, we leveraged latest mobile technology to streamline business operations, to enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, and faster responses for faster decision making.

Tracking performance with a Roadmap


The Roadmap will define the resources and milestones with optimal efficiency, functionality, and synergy.

Maximizing User Experience


To ensure an excellent user experience can be delivered, we identify content requirements, design, and overall user-friendliness to help customers exceed customer expectations. ​ ​

App Development & Management


To complete the app’s entire lifecycle, we provide end-to-end services including planning, design and coding to prototyping, testing, launching, performance tracking and user analysis, as well as long-term maintenance and upgrades.

We provide custom-built mobile app solutions to meet specific needs of your business and IT environment, and deliver unique functionality to exceed your expectations.



Support Services

On-going operation & functional support

Support Services

Our holistic support package with a fixed charge, can keep your systems up and running and face any expected challenges.

Account Manager


He or she will be the 1st touch-point and client can always contact our account manager for any need or support, and account manager will escalate and direct the right party for proving the most suitable follow up.

Who's your contact to get technical support?

Project Manager


The designated project manager will offer an immediate support to address the technical issue by customers.

How Laputa supports you?

End-to-end handling


The process includes reporting, solution discovery and solution application, to testing, evaluation and auditing.



Escalation is needed for situations with a great business impact.

Application Development

Application Development

Configuration &  customization

Based on customers’ unique situation, we provide comprehensive and value-added services that focus on flexibility, affordability, and business need.

Multi-Cloud Approach


We have an unique Multi-Cloud Approach, which we create flexibility for different customers for their mix of solution and services, according to their specific requirement, budget, goals and needs.

IT roadmap driven 


Laputa’s team will guide and help put together an IT roadmap driven by your business goals, objectives and your growth plans. We will facilitate and streamline your business priorities, estimation, execution and continuity planning which will ultimately save time and money.


Education Services Traning

Education Services

Our certified trainers can help your staff learn the skills and techniques after implementation for adoption, locally and globally.

Software Adoption


We will assist with the entire process from planning, testing, implementation to evaluation.

User Adoption


We promote a user-friendly transition to suit the needs of your team and encourage user engagement.

Physical Training Courses


Laputa offers physical training courses in Hong Kong that will help our clients develop their skills after new adoption. 

On-Request Advanced Training Courses 


Also, Laputa offers on-request advanced training courses to your in-house IT teams, which can better tackle with the issue and enhance the knowledge sharing process of IT team.

The training can be day-to-day IT operations, software administration and development, IT management, mobility, and vendor-focused software training. Our advanced training services help accelerate your IT competence in both management and operations – allowing you to enhance workforce productivity and maximize your IT ROI.

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